Beliefs and values

Day 8 Today I reflected a lot about my 90-day transformation and what it means to me. I thought about who I want to be when these 90 days are over and what this transformation means for me. And it all starts from the beliefs we have about the world, about life in general and

Recover, recharge and continue

Day 7 I haven’t written anything yesterday, as I didn’t feel well, woke up with lower back pain and something I had eaten didn’t sit well with me. So nothing I had planned for yesterday worked. Instead I decided to just take the day off, get better and start over. Today my back pain was

I love Mondays!

Day 5 It’s always nice when you start a Monday on the “right foot”! I have decided to do my workouts in the morning, so I don’t have to worry about not being able to fit them into my day. By exercising in the morning you stimulate your body to produce endorphins, which are the

Commitment is empowering!

Day 4 After yesterday’s lesson, today I stuck to my commitment, and although we changed plans on the spot and got together with friends, I decided to stick with my commitment. So instead of going with the flow, and finding an excuse of why I wouldn’t do it, I went grocery shopping for healthy food,

Desire to belong

Day 3 Today I learned that while we make certain decisions at home, when we are in different environments, we change them, just to feel that we “belong” to the group we’re interacting with. At noon, although I had a packed lunch from home, I chose to eat what others were eating, and I realized

Music feeds the soul

Day 2 I’m late with this post, as I promised I would blog daily. Last night we fed our souls with Mozart at the Glen Gould Studio and by the time we got home I was too tired to write. Yesterday was a day “in the flow” – where I set the intention to make

What we learn and how much we apply

Day 1 I’ve been thinking a lot lately that we read many books (or sometimes only partially read them), and take courses to grow personally or professionally, but we don’t always apply what we learn. We take the information in at intellectual level, but until we actually get it “in our bodies”, get it emotionally,

90 Day Transformation

Yesterday marked 9 years since the skiing accident that changed my life – for the better! I have been on an amazing journey these past 9 years and want to take it even further! I am committing to a 90-day transformation of many aspects of my personal and professional life and will blog about it

Cleanse, hydrate and nourish with this green juice!

Did you eat a little bit too much / too unhealthy during the weekend and you feel the need for something nutritious and light? Try this delicious cleansing and nourishing green juice to give your digestive system a well deserved break! 2 stalks of celery about 1/3 of an English cucumber 3-4 handfuls of super

Today’s salad: Kale with persimmons

  Since I “discovered” kale a few years ago, I have found numerous ways to eat it. When I first made this salad I was sure that the rest of my family would not even come close to it, so I only made a small portion. How surprised I was when they all liked it