Cleanse, hydrate and nourish with this green juice!

Did you eat a little bit too much / too unhealthy during the weekend and you feel the need for something nutritious and light? Try this delicious cleansing and nourishing green juice to give your digestive system a well deserved break! 2 stalks of celery about 1/3 of an English cucumber 3-4 handfuls of super

Today’s salad: Kale with persimmons

  Since I “discovered” kale a few years ago, I have found numerous ways to eat it. When I first made this salad I was sure that the rest of my family would not even come close to it, so I only made a small portion. How surprised I was when they all liked it

Bowtech / Bowen Technique

As some of you know, in the past few years I have dedicated myself to health and wellness, first through personal training and then by becoming a CERTIFIED BOWEN PRACTITIONER, by attending the accredited courses of the Bowen Technique Academy of Australia. Before starting the course I had never experienced a Bowen treatment on myself,

Sporting Life 10K

Last minute preparations for the race in 3 days! – early morning workouts – freshly squeezed green juices – soaked almonds – light dinners – AND plenty of sleep / rest!