After doing a lot of lifting and physical work I had sharp pain in my lower back and I wasn’t able to bend at all. I called Sanda for an emergency Bowen treatment and after she performed the procedures I was able to bend and the pain disappeared! It felt like a miracle especially since I was a skeptic and didn’t believe in this kind of therapy but decided to try it as the pain was unbearable. I would recommend Sanda and the Bowen technique to anyone!

I was seriously considering a treatment to reduce the unpleasant effects of menopause, when I mentioned this Sanda and she suggested I try a few Bowen sessions before resorting to hormone treatment. I am extremely thankful that I spoke to her! After 4 sessions to balance my body and hormones I have no more problems whatsoever. My friends were dying to know my secret and I even have a few friends who are convinced that I had treatment with hormones. I recommend this therapy. I no longer want or require a hormone treatment. Thank you!


My son was diagnosed with asthma and this wonderful lady, Sanda Langer, introduced me to the Bowen therapy. We started the treatment once a week for both of us, me and my son. I wanted to try this treatment on myself as well as I was suffering from chronic fatigue and I had frequent headaches. After a few weeks my son’s breathing improved, generally feeling much better and by June 2013 we removed the inhalers. My headaches were almost gone and I am able to sleep much better than I ever have. I was very pleased and amazed with the results and I would recommend it to every person in need. Thank you Sanda!


A Bowen session was all it was needed, to get rid of a really nasty cold/flu that was ready to take over my life. My whole body was aching, I had fever and a very runny nose (to the point that I could not carry on a 5 minutes conversation without stopping every 30 seconds to blow my nose). Not to mention that I could only breathe through my mouth. I took on Sanda’s offer for a Bowen session.  A little skeptic, I laid down on the massage table thinking that it cannot get any worse. In the end what did I have to loose? The treatment lasted for about 45 minutes. Half-way through the procedure, one nostril opened up completely. Still skeptic, I tried to find an explanation to why the nostril opened up: It must be the laying down that caused it. To my amazement, towards the end of the treatment (this was the one and only session), my other nostril opened completely. I stood up and my nose wasn’t running! I could breathe through my nose again!

At this point it started sinking in… Bowen does something! Still a little skeptical, I kept thinking that the runny nose could return…. how long would the effect last for? Well, let me tell you that Bowen DOES WORK! The runny nose has not returned at all that day, the following day or the days after! Not only that, but my cold was gone completely by the following morning. Bowen is AMAZING!

Thanks a lot Sanda for introducing me to this incredible natural healing treatment with no drugs and immediate results! I love it and have recommended it to all my friends.


For those seeking a prescription for eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear, anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further than The Bowen Therapy. I strongly recommend The Bowen Therapy for a better health and a better life. Sanda is a very knowledgeable therapist, with a lot of knowledge in nutrition too.

I am privileged to have been seen and treated by Sanda. She activated my “inner doctor” and she also helped me regain my balance after several episodes of dizziness. I now feel good, my energy levels increased visibly and the headaches are gone. Sanda and the Bowen Therapy are the answer to my hopes that I can find a different solution to restoring my health, one that would not use chemicals. Thank you, Sanda.